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Sitar Stand - Sitar Wall Mount

Sitar Stand - Sitar Wall Mount

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This is a Sitar Stand - Wall Mount and also suitable for a Veena. Please note, this sitar stand does not come with the black hook in the picture, you can purchase these from amazon or a DIY store. Please also note, that you need a tumba on the back of your sitar or veena.

Your sitar stand will come with a copper metal hoop to support your pride and joy! 

If you don't like keeping your sitar in a sitar case and even better solution is keeping it displayed in a sitar stand or sitar wall mount.

Available in a variety of colours and two designs, this sitar hanger is made from 100% cotton and is very well designed to fit your sitar - please note, all you need to do to hang your sitar or veena, is attach the sling on to the bar on the back where your tumba is.

These hangers are strong and sturdy enough to hang you sitar or veena from, they look stylish and are practical. Each sitar stand measures approximately 70cm in length.
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