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Handpan and Tongue Drum Backpack Case

Handpan and Tongue Drum Backpack Case

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Macrame Handpan Backpack Case for carrying handpans and tongue drums.

♻️ Handmade from 100% recycled high-quality cotton
💚 Carefully crafted to fit your handpan/drum
😍 Will guarantee to turn heads at handpan gatherings/festivals!
👌 Option to buy with or without the backstraps

If you're looking for a unique handpan case for your pride and joy, my handmade macrame handpan backpacks are a stylish, boho and attractive way to store them whilst you carry them around festivals and gatherings. This case is designed in order to show off your handpan and amplify the beauty of your handpan.

The design comes available, with or without the strap on the back, you can choose to just have the wooden handles to carry if you prefer. You secure the handpan in the hanger with tying double knots on each side of the wooden handles, easy peasy!

These bags are made to fit handpans between 50-55cm in diameter, but if you would like one custom-made to carry a specific measurement, please add your handpans diameter in the personalisation section.

In terms of the straps, the straps are designed to be 50cm, with 20cm additional so you can slide it on your back. The straps need to be longer on these backpacks because the handpan is a curved instrument. If you don't know what size straps you need, measure an existing backpack you have and let me know the size (if it isn't 50cm)

You can also pick your own colour - I have various beautiful colours.

Delivery and Packaging

Your handpan will come wrapped well and sent tracked so you'll know where it is at all times! I regularly sell my hangers overseas so it will be well prepared.

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