Macrame Ukulele Guitar Hanger - Ukulele Wall Mount


This is a homemade ukulele wall hanger and ukulele stand that is a modern alternative to a standard ukulele wall mount. The nifty thing about these, is that it's a folding ukulele stand which hangs from a ukulele wall bracket such as a simple nail on your wall.


If you're considering buying a new pair of steel ukulele strings, a ukulele capo or even that new Billie Eilish Ukulele, why not treat yourself to the latest ukulele accessory, the macrame ukulele hanger! one of the most essential items for a ukulele.


Tired of a standard, wooden ukulele rack or keeping your ukulele locked away in its ukulele bag? Whether you're looking for a new ukulele stand for a Fender Ukulele, a new Ukulele for a Beginner, Kala Ukulele, Flight Ukulele or you just need a cute ukulele wall mount, this is the one for you! Hang it in style so you can look up and dream of playing like Jake Shimabukuro.


Available in 7 stunning colours, this ukulele stand is easy to take your ukulele in and out, (your ukulele won't fall out of it, please refer to my photos and videos for the positioning), it's double-sided, strong and sturdy and it's very well designed. It's also perfect as a ukulele gift with its gorgeous box .


Please choose your correct size from a Soprano Ukulele, Concert Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele or Baritone Ukulele. If you have a size such as Guitarlele, or if you aren't sure what size to buy, get in touch and I'll help you.

♡ Size ♡
The hanger measures approx 100cm in length but varies slightly dependent on the size you buy.

♡ Social Media ♡
You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @ellamedesigns.

♡ Custom Orders ♡
If you are after something specific with particular colours, get in touch and I will work with you to design the piece.

♡ Delivery and Packaging ♡
I am able to dispatch this item within 2-3 working days and comes wrapped in tissue paper and a gift box.

Macrame Ukulele Hanger - Wooden Bead