Macrame Macra-weave Wall Hanging. 'Sahara Sun' 

Instantly transform your home into a cosy environment with this stunning macra-weave with a thick wooden support.

Intricately hand-knotted in my home studio using my own 100% 4mm cotton rope, this design various yellows, browns and gold colours inspired by the Sun. The design has been created using various macrame and weaving techniques, hence why this piece is a macrame-weave.

I am very inspired by the outdoors and nature in my work and the sun to me, signifies light, energy and power.

This design looks perfect in a range of settings including bedrooms, living rooms, craft rooms, a nursery, or a lovely cafe/studio.

♡ Size ♡
Height: 80cm; Width: 56cm

♡ Social Media ♡
You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @ellamedesigns.

♡ Custom Orders ♡
If you are after something specific with a particular colour and style, get in touch and I will work with you to design your piece.

♡ Delivery and Packaging ♡
Please bare in mind this is a very intricate piece and will take at least a week and a half to complete.

Sahara Sun Macra-Weave Wall Hanging