Macrame Sitar Wall Hanger Sling with black gift box.


An indian sitar is a unique, beautiful instrument that deserves an even more beautiful accessory to accompany it.


If you don't like keeping your sitar in a sitar case, your sitar guitar will look gorgeous displayed in a macrame sitar hanger. Perhaps you've seen a sitar for sale but have no idea where you would put it when not in use? This percussive instrument deserves a fabulous home and what better way than with a sitar mount?


Available in 7 stunning colours, this hanger is made from 100% cotton and is very well designed to fit your sitar - please note, all you need to do to hang your sitar, is attach the sling on to the bar on the back where your gourd is.

If you're looking for a unique way to hang your pride and joy, why not try a macrame sling? These hangers are strong and sturdy enough to hang you sitar from, they look stylish and are practical to pick up your sitar from.

♡ Size ♡
The hanger measures approx 76cm in length from the top of the hoop to the top of the tassle.

♡ Social Media ♡
You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @ellamedesigns.

♡ Custom Orders ♡
If you are after something specific with particular colours, get in touch and I will work with you to design the piece. If you would like the sling to be longer or shorter, this can also be adjusted for you.

♡ Delivery and Packaging ♡
I am able to dispatch this item within 2-3 working days and comes wrapped in tissue paper.

Macrame Sitar Hanger