Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern - Three Arrows


Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns are fun and a great way to get in to macrame. This macrame wall hanging tutorial for beginners is just one alternative to anyone who prefers to learn from a PDF rather than a macrame book.

This digital download pattern lists all the materials needed as well as an easy, step-by-step tutorial to complete this piece. Whether you're creating this for yourself or for a friend, this is a stunning macrame pattern and the end result looks gorgeous on the wall.

This pattern specifically includes

1 x PDF Tutorial which lists the materials needed, with dimensions of the finished wall hanging and the main pattern
1 x Knotting Guide for the Lark's Head Knot
1 x Knotting Guide for the Square Knot
1 x Knotting Guide for the Diagonal Double Half Hitch

This tutorial is aimed towards both beginners and advanced level knotters.

This pattern uses three different knots which include the Lark’s Head, Square Knot and Diagonal Double Half Hitch pattern and also includes video tutorials on how to complete the knots if you prefer a visual way of learning.

*Items created from my designed patterns cannot be sold or auctioned. All of my patterns are intended for personal home use & gifting and should not be replicated as they are all copyrighted.

If at any point you are struggling with this pattern, please contact me as help will be at hand! I also have video tutorials available to help you along with the knots as mentioned, so you should complete this pattern with ease.

♡ Size ♡

Your finished wall hanging will depend on the length you decide to cut it at the end.

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Macrame DIY Wall Hanging- Three Arrows