Macrame Off-white Maxi Skirt with Copper Bead.

This is the 'Khaleesi' inspired by Daenerys from Games of Thrones.

Made from cotton twisted cord, the Khaleesi skirt is made with all Queens in mind and hand-knotted with a metal tube along the woven front section and draping ropes which extend to the floor. 

The skirt can be wrapped around the waist and tied with the rope at the back of the skirt. The garment is very secure and can be made up in various colours at request. Made in my home studio in Manchester where I create wall hangings, clothing and instrument hangers.

The Images feature my 4mm natural cotton rope - please drop me a message for custom requests - I will contact you after your purchase to double-check you have selected the correct size.

I will need the measurement of your waist or hips (dependent on where you would like your garment to hang), along with how long you would like the skirt to be, after you select your standard size I will contact you to double-check on your specific sizes. 

♡ Size ♡
The size of the skirt is dependent on how long you would like it to be, but the standard size will be approximately ankle length. Please let me know the sizes you need in the personalisation box.

♡ Social Media ♡
You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest @ellamedesigns.

♡ Custom Orders ♡
If you are after something specific with a particular colour and style, get in touch and I will work with you to design your piece.

♡ Delivery and Packaging ♡
This item will be dispatched within a week and comes wrapped in pretty tissue paper.

'Khaleesi' Macrame Off-white Maxi Skirt with Copper Bead