Macrame Ukulele Guitar Hanger - Ukulele Wall Mount with Gold Bead


This is a homemade ukulele wall hanger and ukulele stand that is a modern alternative to a standard ukulele wall mount. The nifty thing about these, is that it's a folding ukulele stand which hangs from a ukulele wall bracket such as a simple nail on your wall.


If you're considering buying a new pair of steel ukulele strings, a ukulele capo or even that new Billie Eilish Ukulele, why not treat yourself to the latest ukulele accessory, the macrame ukulele hanger! one of the most essential items for a ukulele.


Tired of a standard, wooden ukulele rack or keeping your ukulele locked away in its ukulele bag? Whether you're looking for a new ukulele stand for a Fender Ukulele, a new Ukulele for a Beginner, Kala Ukulele, Flight Ukulele or you just need a cute ukulele wall mount, this is the one for you! Hang it in style so you can look up and dream of playing like Jake Shimabukuro.

♡ Size ♡
The hanger measures approx 100cm in length.

♡ Social Media ♡
You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @ellamedesigns.

♡ Custom Orders ♡
If you are after something specific with particular colours, get in touch and I will work with you to design the piece.

♡ Delivery and Packaging ♡
I am able to dispatch this item within 2 working days and comes in a lovely drawstring pouch.

Macrame Ukulele Hanger - Gold Bead