Macrame Clothing: 5 Pieces to wear at the Beach, Festivals and the Stage

Macrame Clothing is a massive and very ongoing trend right now. Despite this beautiful and very unique style being relatively unknown to many, its seeing a massive rise in recent years with retailers such as Zara and even brands such as Paco Rabanne jumping on board.

Here at Ellame Designs, we believe that macrame should always be the centre point of fashion and its intricate and elegant aesthetic really makes any macrame garment stand out in a saturated fashion world.

Here are 4 Pieces of Macrame Clothing that will really make heads turn whether you decide to boho your way to the beach or rock the look on stage.

Macrame Khaleesi Dress

This macame dress really is a stunning design. Named after Danehrys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, this is Khaleesi dress that will really make you feel like a Queen.

This design features a bikini style top knotted together with ropes for days that dangle and swing making you feel like the ultimate goddess. Imagine being at a festival with this beauty, heads will turn and you will really set the standard at Burning Man!

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Macrame Khaleesi Skirt and Halter Top £172

Another perfect addition to the Ellame Designs Khaleesi collection is the Khaleesi Skirt and Top Combo. This statement piece is perfect for those wanting a two-piece matching set that works perfectly paired with a bikini top and high waisted shorts or bikini bottom for a truly showstopping piece. You’ll never look so good whilst on holiday.

You can choose to either buy the pieces separately or as a set.

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Macrame Athena Choker Necklace £43

Macrame Jewellery doesn’t have to be completely intricate and woven using smaller cord like you see almost everywhere. Thicker, bolder pieces really pop with macrame outfits, especially when used with a fringe like the Macrame Athena Choker Necklace.

This design features the most gorgeous shimmer limited edition gold string, with a white accent. Another benefit of this item, is the choker is fully adjustable, so one size fits all. Paired with a beautiful evening gown or a simple beach outfit and you’ve got one beautiful look all year round.

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Macrame Khaleesi Skirt £92

Finally, the ever popular Macrame Khaleesi Skirt is truly one must have for your wardrobe. Whether you want to wear this one with an underskirt, hot pants or your favourite bikini bottoms, this macrame skirt looks equally good on the stage as it does lounging on the beach on a sunny day.

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Which style is your favourite?

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