Here's where to find unique home decor - 6 ideas to make your home awesome

Updated: Apr 14

Turning your home into a place you're proud of can be a difficult task, there is so much more that goes into it than you think. Often you put a lot of time, effort and money to create a unique space and there's somehow always more to do!

Thankfully, there are little changes you can make in your home to really make it stand out from the others that don't break the bank.

Here are our picks of products from Ellame Designs that are not only affordable, but will really turn heads.

1. Macrame Toilet Roll Holder

First on the list is this bad boy. The macrame toilet roll holder!

Available in a variety of colours and an intricate spiral design, this useful and practical little holder adds the perfect boho vibe to any bathroom. If you fancy being a little more creative with it, you can also hang jewellery and neck tie’s from it!

ALSO... its much much easier to change your roll’s than those bog standard plastic ones! NICE.


2. Macrame Instrument Hangers

We’ve all seen those unhappy acoustic guitars leaning against a wall at the corner of the room. Maybe it needs a proper home? Well, that’s were the beauty of the macrame guitar hanger comes in. Stylish, adaptable, artistic and again, very practical, these hangers which are made from 100% high-quality cotton can be hung from walls and doors and can pack away into tiny spaces when not in use.

Not only are these hangers also 100% recyclable, they make the ideal gift for any guitar enthusiast out there. You can also buy them for violins, flute’s, ukulele’s and even hand drums!


3. Custom Macrame Wall Hanging’s

If you're after an elegant and stylish addition for a particular wall in your home, requesting a custom made wall hanging from the Ellame Designs unique collection is a great place to start.

These wall hangings can be customised with alternate colours, sizes and layers or you can choose to have them exactly how they were originally made. The ‘Meryl’ and ‘Moonage Daydream’ custom wall hanging’s each come with your choice of crystal too!


4. Macrame Cat Hammock

This is an absolute must for the cat lovers! Macrame cat hammock’s are a completely unique way for your cat to hang out and flop around in. Despite being a hammock, the design can easily be leaned against a wall to avoid too much movement for your lil moggie.

All you need to add is a small cushion for the ultimate cat nap.


5. Macrame Kitchen Roll and Towel Holders

Another very practical macrame creation similar to the macrame toilet roll holder, these holders come in slightly longer dowel lengths to support kitchen rolls and bath towels.

You can even match your toilet and towel holders together for a beautiful boho bathroom.


6. Sari Silk Plant Hangers

Okay, so everyone has heard of a plant hanger - but how about one made with recycled sari silk? This design is made using the same technique as macrame but with this added silky texture woven in. Sounds good right?

The great thing about these hangers are they stand out over regular plant hangers and again, completely unique! This particular design features colours that resemble those of the coral reef.


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