Feature Friday: Macrame Guitar Hanger

Macrame Guitar Hanger (Acoustic Guitar Wall Mount)

The first of our feature friday's is this homemade guitar stand that is a modern alternative to a standard guitar holder stand. The nifty thing about these, is that it's a folding guitar stand which hangs from a wooden hoop on your wall. Alot of people choose to buy a Hercules Guitar Stand, a Stagg Guitar Stand, Fender Guitar Stand or a simple Argos Guitar Stand, but why not go for something original, environmentally friendly that looks stylish too?

The macrame guitar hanger is the ultimate guitar stand which only requires a simple guitar wall hook such as a nail to hang it from. If you're tired of a standard wooden guitar rack or stand, then the macrame guitar hanger is truly the one for you.

I designed macrame guitar hangers on wooden hoops late last year and now they occupy my house! I take great care when constructing each and every guitar hanger I create and would love to make one for you. This design can also be used back to front, so you can use the other side if you prefer.

This hanger comes in three different sizes and 7 stunning colours. Looks gorgeous hanging either on a wall or from the ceiling, perfect for any guitar enthusiast out there who hates a traditional guitar stand!

If you would like to purchase this Macrame Guitar Hanger - click here or shop the collection here

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