5 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners

Ready to make your own Macrame Wall Hanging? With macrame, once you master the basic knots, you will be ready to make beautiful wall hangings in no time!

Check out these 10 DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hangings for Beginners to get started with.

What you will need to start...


So first thing is first, you are going to need a dowel! It's up to you what you really use for this, but you can choose to use a wooden dowel from a DIY craft shop or perhaps a stick from your garden.

Lots of macrame artists like to use driftwood. Sometimes it is hard to get hold of driftwood, but there are lots of options on Etsy. I also sell thick pine hardwood if you want to go for the simpler option! I do recommend this to start with as your work will look more even.

Shop dowels here.

S Hooks

Secondly, you are going to need 'S' Hooks and a way to hang your rope. I sell 'S' Hooks on my shop page in various pack sizes, although generally for macrame you will need just two to support your dowel. You will find over time you will need a way to hang your other creations when they aren't on the wall, so buying a large pack is always recommended!

Clothing Rail

Thirdly, you will need to get yourself a clothing rail. This might seem odd to those new to macrame, but clothing rails are a must have with macrame. You can mount your work easily on 'S' hooks and can manoeuvre the rail up and down to the height that you need. So if you want to sit down and knot away, you can!

Macrame Rope

Last but not least, you will need macrame rope! You can buy macrame rope from many Etsy stores, from Amazon and I currently have a stock of colourful macrame cords, including tropical blue and black. My rope is very high quality and feels beautiful on your hands! 3mm and 4mm rope generally works well for macrame wall hangings - if you go any smaller than that your work will take a long time to complete and macrame wall hangings generally look better on the wall in these mm or bigger.

Basic Knots

Now... once you have your main bits... you're ready to knot! Woo! Just make sure you have a pair of scissors at hand to cut your rope and you're good to go.

The first thing you need to consider are these three knots, you can create so much just by using these (trust me you will be surprised!)

Lark's Head Knot - view tutorial

Square Knot - view tutorial

Alternating Square Knots - view tutorial

Practice these little knots first, then move on to the big boys!

Let's move on to a selection of fantastic projects to get you started on your Macrame For Beginners journey!

1. Macrame Wall Hanging for Beginners

This is a very basic wall hanging design that you will be able to complete in around an hour, possibly less if you're quick! If you're looking for something basic to start with, I strongly recommend something like this. I also sell a variation of a wall hanging like on my website as a DIY Kit - you can purchase this here.

Once you complete a project like this, you can then move on to making a large macrame wall hanging or simply create more beautiful macrame wall art for your home.

2. Macrame Feather Wall Hanging

If you're looking for a project that's a little bit different try this! This design also looks like a leaf, so you could also call it a leaf wall hanging!

This project is a little trickier than the last, but still easy! This DIY macrame wall hanging will look beautiful on any wall and will really add a boho vibe to your home.

Macrame feather hangers are a great project choice and look amazing when you're done.

3. Rainbow Macrame Wall Hanging

One of the most popular projects people like to try when attempting macrame are rainbows. I would recommend this one after you have tried one of the projects prior to this, so you can get a feel of how macrame works.

A DIY Macrame Rainbow is a great addition for nursery decor too. Once you get good at making a mini macrame rainbow, you can move on to making a giant macrame rainbow! For this one you will need to purchase more colours, but you will have plenty of rope left to make loads of mini ones if purchasing anything between 50m - 200m.

4. Macrame Heart Wall Hanging

Here's a gorgeous and very easy project that only requires square knots and alternating square knots!

Perfect to give as a gift for someone on Mother's Day or if you ever think of setting up your own macrame shop, think of Valentine's Day!

There are many different colour choices you can make this wall hanging in. Pink and white is also a gorgeous combo!

5. Macrame Circle Wall Hanging

You can also use other objects like circles and moons to make macrame wall hangings. In this tutorial a golden metal hoop is used with macrame rope to create this geometric design that looks great as a statement piece on your wall.

It's super easy! Once you master the first few lines, you will be well on your way!

So there you go - Five DIY Macrame Beginner Projects that will help you get knotting quickly and inspire you to create more!

If you make any project using my products tag me @ellamedesigns on instagram, I love to see your creations!

Eleanor x

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