5 Benefits of Owning a Macramé Guitar Hanger

Updated: Apr 14

How you place your guitar in your home or studio is not something we guitarists often think about. Guitar stands and hangers are a boring juxtaposition to the intoxicating designs of the guitar itself, usually plain black, standing innocuously in the corner or up on the wall and all too often, looking a bit plain.

A guitar stand or hanger is an integral part of owning guitar. They protect your pride and joy from knocks, dings, dents and scratches. They keep your rehearsal space tidy and make for easy access when you want to jump in the studio and track some recordings. They can even follow you on the road, providing safe storage in small backstage spaces ready for you to warm up on.

So why don’t we guitarists buy guitar stands and hangers that match the exuberance of our guitar purchases? Why is every guitar stand or hanger you come across plain black and monotonous? Is there even any other option to buy?

The Macramé Guitar Hanger from Ellamé Designs is a completely different proposition to your typical guitar stand or hanger. It has all the requisites required of a guitar storage solution, it keeps your instrument safe, it’s easily accessible and has the added bonus of looking completely different to any other guitar stand or hanger out there.

Here’s 5 reasons why a Macramé Guitar Hanger knocks your regular guitar hanger out of the park, and why you should invest in one...

The Colour and The Shape

Macramé Guitar hangers are available in any colour you like - white, black, or even more exotic colours like teal and mustard. Match the finish of your guitar or match the decor of the house, either way with the colour choice available from a Macramé Guitar Hanger, no one can complain about your guitar stand or hanger ruining the look of your living room.

Whether your guitar is a Seafoam Green or your study needs to match the Duck Egg Blue the rest of the house is painted in, you can pick and choose your colour choice with a Macramé Guitar Hanger, making it a far more adaptable and attractive proposition than a regular guitar stand or hanger.

Don’t like the way it sits on the body of your guitar? These hangers are double sided, meaning you can swap them around to match the appointments that adorn your instrument, whether it’s lining up the knots with your acoustic guitar’s soundhole, or exposing more of that wonderful sunburst finish.

Stand Out From The Crowd

A Macramé Guitar Hanger looks completely different to anything on the market with its niche, boho aesthetic. It adds a vibe to your living space or studio rather than detracting from the look, like your typical, ugly metal guitar stand or hanger does.

Macramé Guitar Hangers are already finding their way into studios and homes all around the world and that’s because of one simple fact - they look cool! No one notices a regular guitar hanger but everyone wants to know where the Macramé Guitar Hanger came from. If you’re going for a serious studio feel, these hangers offer far more flexibility to match the look of your creative space.

Protecting the Neck

Long term storage of a guitar via a hanging stand is not recommended. Although your guitar neck is designed to withstand a lot of pressure, guitar necks, particularly those with nitrocellulose finishes, can find themselves damaged when left in long periods of contact with the rubber or foam used by typical guitar stands or hangers.

No such issue with a Macramé Guitar Hanger. Not only is the weight of the guitar spread over the body, but the rope is 100% cotton and completely natural, meaning that no damage will occur to the finish of your guitar.

This is particularly good for vintage-era guitars that weren’t subject to the more advanced manufacturing processes you’d see on a modern guitar.

Vintage-era finishes are often softer, thinner and thus more subject to wear, making a safe storage solution like the Macramé Guitar Hanger a no-brainer.

Take it on Tour

Even if a guitar stand folds it can be a cumbersome object and you can forget about taking a guitar hanger on the road. None of these are an issue with a Macrame Guitar Hanger. With the addition of an S-Hook (you can get them for a couple of quid in any hardware store) your hanger will be ready to rock wherever you go. As it’s made of rope, it’ll fold into the front pocket of your guitar case, the back of your amp or even just slot right into your pocket.

Hang it up backstage, hang it up on stage if you like, the Macramé Guitar Hanger will fit pretty much anywhere. Going away for holiday season or travelling to a different studio? Your Macramé Guitar Hanger goes wherever you do, saving plenty of space for spares, accessories and even other instruments!

It’s Good for the Environment

A Macramé Guitar Hanger is composed of 100% cotton rope and a wooden hoop to hang it from, that’s it. No ocean damaging plastics, no metals that rust over time. It remains environmentally friendly all whilst maintaining the same level of stability and strength of a regular Guitar Stand or Hanger. Your Macramé Guitar Hanger arrives lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and a biodegradable bag, allowing you to recycle the packaging once you’re done with it leaving minimal impact on the environment.

As an added bonus these hangers are not churned out by some conglomerate in a far off factory with a huge carbon footprint. Ellamé Designs is a small business based in the UK that handmakes everything, run by a musician making accessories for musicians.

In Conclusion

Macramé Guitar Hanger’s are far above anything I’ve seen before in the bland, unimaginative world of the guitar stand or hanger. It manages to not only easily match what a regular guitar stand or hanger can do, but far exceed the capabilities of any guitar hanger or stand. With its inherent strength, flexibility, usability and its unique and original look, these hangers will have everyone talking when they visit your home, creative space, or studio.

They’re not just for guitars either, if you play another instrument, or know someone who does, there’s the Macramé Ukulele Hanger, the Macramé Violin Hanger and the Macramé Drumstick Holder, all of which share the same core properties of the Macramé Guitar Hanger with their natural aesthetic, innate practicality and unique looks.

Ellamé Designs stocks an exclusive range of guitar, ukulele and violin hangers in their shop - view the range now.

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