White Bedroom Concept



Ukuele hanger with gold beads for hanging ukuleles, mount stand hanger for ukuleles

Instrument Mounts

Find the perfect home for your pride and joy with these exclusive macrame instrument hangers

S Hooks for Hanging Macrame Plant Hangers and Craft Projects in the UK

Rope, Kits, Patterns and Supplies

Shop everything you need to begin your macrame journey including rope, S hooks and wooden dowels.

Black and White Large Wall Hanging by Ellame Designs

Fiber Art For The Home

Plant hangers, wall hangings and fashion accessories

Shop DIY macrame supplies, homeware and fashion from my store in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Whether you're a beginner to macrame, an advanced knotter or you're looking for the perfect macrame piece to decorate your home with, Ellamé Designs will help you learn, discover and fall in love with everything macrame has to offer.

I source sustainable materials which are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Learn more about Ellamé Designs.

Custom Made Wall Hanging by Ellame Designs
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